Emblema Installation Instructions


  • The Emblema stem requires a 28,6mm (1 1/8″) steerer tube.
  • Ensure the steerer tube is the correct lenght – no more than a 3mm gap from the top of the stem to the top of the steerer tube. If the steerer tube requires modifuinf to fit, esnure it is cut level.
  • Ensure all sharp edges and burrs are removed from the steerer tube and the external surface is both clean and dry.


  • Remove all screws. Grease the threads and under the heads.
  • Slide the stem onto the steerer, either way up depending on the rise spec required. fit the top-cap.
  • Place one of the clamps over the narrow section of your handlebar and slide to the center, ensuring the “lower clamp – no gap” marking is at the underside of the bar and facing outwards. Repeatwith the second clamp.
  • Hold the handlebar against the stem body and rotate the first clamp until the lower section contacts the stem. Insert the screw and tighten until finger tight. Repeat with the second clamp.
  • Insert the two upper handlebar clamp screws and thread in 3-4 turns.
  • Tighten both lower clamp screws to 5Nm.
  • Centre the handlebar and set your required angle. Tighten the two upper handlebar clamp screws to 5Nm.
  • Insert the steerer clamp screws, align the stem and tighten to 5Nm.


  • Before each ride, ensure al screws are tightened to the correct torque.
  • Periodically inspect all parts of the stem for signs of damage, particulary in the event of crash.
  • Clean an re-grease all screws if dis-assembling and re-assembling the stem.


  • This product mus be fitted by a qualified mechanic.
  • Do not use this product following a crash, or if the product is damaged in any way.